About The Blogger

It’s an amazing era we live in. Future history books will no doubt describe our time as one of the pivot points in history. Digital technology, Internet and the information society are changing our daily life more than Gutenberg’s printing press.

But all coins have two sides. A change of this magnitude will no doubt have downsides too, like cyber crime. Not to talk about the speed of change, it’s a challenge just to keep up with development.

I’m grateful because I have had the privilege to work with the new technology during this pivotal era. I have been around long enough to be able to call me both ADP-, IT- and cyber security expert. I have seen personal computers evolve from large ugly boxes with floppy diskette stations to designed pocket gadgets. I have seen Internet grow from a university- and defense network to something that our society is built on. I have seen computer viruses evolve from a harmless youngster prank to cyber espionage and war.

I have been working at the F-Secure Lab, and my tasks where explaining to ordinary people what’s up in cyber crime and how to protect against the threats. So this blog will no doubt contain a lot about security, but perhaps also about how the new cyber society changes our lives.

And by the way, I’m definitively a digital optimist, despite all I have seen. I have spent my fair share of time in the dark alleys and cellars of the net. It’s so easy to focus on the disadvantages when things change, and forget all the benefits we get. I want to fight that attitude and also remind us about all the good things the digital revolution brings. I’m convinced the world is a better place today thanks to computer technology, and the revolution is only beginning.

Privately I prefer to spend time outdoors and in the archipelago. Often carrying a camera. You can also spot me frequently aboard one of the Finnish Lifeboat Institution’s rescue vessels.



PS. Calls from journalists are welcome. In English, på svenska and suomeksi.