New cyber blog, why?

A radio channel here in Finland called me and asked how to delete one’s complete digital footprint on the net. Sorry, mission impossible. It’s inevitable to be on the net if you want to live a somewhat normal life. And it’s impossible to have full control over how information about you is collected, transferred, sold and stored. Not to talk about attempts to remove it. We are stuck in the cyber-swamp, no matter what we do.

The idea to start a new blog about cyber security and our digital lives has been maturing for a while now. Now is the right time to start. The content of this blog is not unique, you can find similar stuff elsewhere too. But I think there is a need for posts that attempt to explain why instead of just reporting about new developments and giving advice to users. But still without too much technical details, the target audience is the ordinary non-technical user.

The first posts were in Swedish and targeted both Sweden and the Swedish-speaking minority in Finland. But the blog did quite soon become bilingual.